{lake sinclair}

Lake Sinclair is located throughout many of our neighboring counties.  It is considered a large market for lake homes and lots in the state of Georgia.  The lake itself has 417 miles of shoreline, making it one of Georgia's largest lakes.  It was created in 1953 when Georgia Power built Sinclair Dam on the Oconee River.  It offers consistent water levels throughout the year, great fishing for fishermen of all ages... perfect area for camping and boating as well.


There are different types of ownership among the lots located on Sinclair.

1. Georgia Power Lease Lots

2. Georgia Power Lease Strips

3. Fee Simple Ownership


Georgia Power does control and permits all of the shoreline construction on any lot.  That would include your boat houses, seawalls, docks and if you were to inquire on dredging. 

Georgia Power can be contacted at their land department for any additional information at 706.484.7500.